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You'll have access to us 24-hours a day in case the device goes bad or someone tampers with it. If your buzzer is going off, we will come out and troubleshoot the problem.


Fire Alarms and Security Systems

For all types of commercial, industrial, and residential locations, O&W Communications has what you need to keep your property secure and safe.   Fire alarm and security systems are among the most important systems in your facility.  You can depend on us to reduce failures with quality installation as well as provide fast, quality service should the need arise.

Issues Addressed Quickly

If someone tampers with the system at your apartment building, storefront, or school, we will be there quickly to address the issue. Fire alarms and security systems also have beneficial applications in:


• Churches

• Offices

• Clinics

• Private residences

• Hospitals

• Assisted living facilities

• Correctional facilities

• Hotels and motels

Types of Systems

• Door Alarms

• Card access

• Code red evacuation alarms

• Biometric door access

• Addressable or microprocessor based fire alarm systems

• Panic Buttons

• Burglar Alarm Systems

• ID Badge Systems

• Area of Refuge

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Testing Available

In addition to installation and servicing of fire alarm systems, we also have the ability to professionally test your existing fire alarm system, use electronic bar code tagging of your existing devices, and produce a quality report ready for delivery to your local inspectors.  We work with Building Reports to produce a quality testing solution for you!