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Video and cable installations handled with you in mind; all of your wiring will be done in a way designed for your ease of use and operation of your system.


Authorized Dealer and Your Local Advisor

As an authorized dealer for a variety of surveillance brands, you can trust O & W Communications to guide you towards the right brand for you. No matter who you are or where you work, your property will benefit from video, CCTV, or MATV services. Once you decide on the right system for you, we can also handle the installation of all low voltage products.

Professional Installation of Systems

In addition to providing your equipment, we will do all the cable installation. Your neighbors have selected us in the past as a vendor based solely on the quality of our cable installations. We’ll be able to advice you on your needs and structured cabling. Trust us to properly merge during installation your data, fiber optic and coaxial cables.

Products Available:

• Closed circuit TV systems

• IP cameras and network video recorders

• Master antenna and digital distribution

• Motion only recording

• Automated object tracking

• Megapixel high resolution cameras

• Indoor and outdoor camera system

• Wireless connectivity

• Covert cameras

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